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Welcome to JCUAA

The Joint Chinese University Alumni Association of Southern California (JCUAA) originated in 1978 when several alumni associations from Chinese Taiwan organized a large Chinese New Year celebration banquet. Initially the alumni association was conceived with the purpose of providing a community for graduates from Chinese universities. As the organization developed, members envisioned a greater purposes and objectives. Since 1978, JCUAA has utilized its resources and influence to form a vibrant, connected Chinese community that is both seen and heard by mainstream community.
Objectives – United, we stand and we are the power
JCUAA is a California State registered non-profit, equal opportunity organization committed to the following as stated in the by-laws:
1. Providing opportunities, through yearly events, for exchanging ideas and forming new friendship among members and alumni.
2. Consolidating, exchanging and unitizing the specialized skills, influenced powers, knowledge of each individual alumnus in benefiting the alumni.
3. Guiding and assisting alumni and our children in pursuing the best education and careers.
4. Encouraging Chinese American to vote and participate in political campaign to serve our community and country as well as to protect our deserved justice rights, interests, and welfares.
5. Helping facilitate exchange and improving the friendship and interaction among JCUAA, Asian and main stream communities.

As of 2005, JCUAA consists of 38 Chinese university alumni associations, totaling more than 40,000 alumni in Southern California. Our well and high educated member alumni are mostly professionals who have immigrated to this country to fulfill our dreams. We feel very fortunate to become contributing members to our great country. Our annual activities include social events, politics seminars which encourage Asian American to vote and to participate in political campaign to protect our rights, interests and welfares. We also have yearly youth leadership training seminars and charity functions. These activities call for hundreds of volunteers donating our time and efforts, and each event always attracts and benefits thousands attendants. For the past 26 years we have been very successful in serving the community, and we are grateful with what we have received from our country, and we always return much more back to it in order to show our appreciation to this great country.

JCUAA is still expanding its scale, service quality and welcome any new member who recognizes and supports our objectives. The members are primary from Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China as one big family with close affection and friendship. It has since expanded to become a prominent an influential organization focusing on not only community among alumni, but also on a united, flourishing, and represented Chinese American community. Together, the Asian American community and JCUAA have, to some extent, achieved these goals. Future development, expanding and success of JCUAA and the Asian American community will depend on the united and continued support, service, sacrifice, and dedication of the alumni of great Chinese universities.